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E2 Investor VISA

The E2 investor visa is a nonimmigrant but long-term, renewable work visa for nationals from countries that have signed a bilateral investment treaty with the United States.

The investor should establish a U.S. company, which will operate the business that the investor has purchased and which will act as the investor’s visa sponsor.

E2 Visa qualification requirements:

  • A person or persons with citizenship of a country having a treaty of commerce with the U.S. must own at least 50% of the shares of the U.S. entity. Such persons may not have permanent resident status or reside in the US under a visa other than an E2 visa.
  • The investment must be substantial and must be made with personal funds. US Visa Law and Regulations do not state a specific amount to be invested. However, the investment must be sufficient to establish a profitable business with development and expansion potential.
  • The U.S. business must contribute to the local economy to an extent that it is more than marginal. This means that the investor cannot invest solely for the purpose of earning a living. Beyond paying the investor a salary, the business must employ U.S. workers and produce a profit.
  • Applicants must show that they have work experience and credentials that qualify them to perform the job that the company is offering them. The investor must intend to enter the US solely to manage and to direct the business.